What is Moxibustion Treatment?

With irregular lifestyle, our body is getting loss of balance, so, many issues come with the deficiency of Yin. Such as dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia, cold hernia, and abdominal pain etc. Our body requires some effects to balance the yin and yang of our internal body. From Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Moxibustion Treatment is one of the […]

Is Moxibustion Treatment safe?

The answer is definitely a YES! Moxibustion Treatment make use of Chinese Mugwort (艾草)which has a mild herbal effect. Our therapists are professionally trained and experienced, they will make sure that Moxibustion Stripe (艾灸条)is burning at a healthy distance from the skin. The heat from the Moxibustion Stripe (艾灸条) will flow through the skin into […]

What issues can Moxibustion Treatment help you with?

The Moxibustion Treatment has a very mild effects, as one of the most ancient Chinese herbs, it can help many different groups of people with different issues, such as: Rheumatism Muscle stiffness Sleeping problem Painful menstrual periods Accumulation of Qi and blood Enhance resistance to diseases At the same time, for focusing on these issues […]